When did it become beyond repair? Part 2

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To return briefly to a subject I discussed earlier in the month, in the Guardian today Patrick Wintour and Nicholas Watt highlight the aborted election as the key moment that Brown lost his way.

I still believe that it was the Inheritance Tax incident that followed shortly afterwards for the reasons stated earlier.



People working with children shouldn’t need police checks say right-wing ‘think tank’ Civitas

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“It is putting people off working with children, knowing that they have to be checked for previous offences against children. Why can’t we be left to use our intuition?”

Off the top of my head I can think of a couple of reasons.

This isn’t a civil liberties issue, it isn’t “political correctness gone mad”, it is a necessary precaution.  I’ve yet to hear a decent argument to the contrary.

Write a letter to the Daily Mail

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Hey kids, are you stuck for things to do when it rains during the summer holidays? Why not make like a grown up and write to the Daily Mail? It’s fun, it gets you attention and it only costs the price of a stamp. Here’s how: Continue reading ‘Write a letter to the Daily Mail’

The top Tories in Britain today

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With David Davis gone, this is an opportune time to reacquaint ourselves with the top Tories in Britain today.  Here they are in all of their glory: Continue reading ‘The top Tories in Britain today’

Barack Obama bringing communism to the White House by stealth

•15 June, 2008 • 3 Comments

The worry is that middle America falls for nonsense such as this.  Between bloggers with a screw loose and the systemic smear campaign being waged by Fox, Obama is up against more blatant dirty tricks than I’ve seen in a Presidential campaign.

Unless you count stealing Florida as a dirty trick, obviously.

When did it become beyond repair?

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Probably early for a post-mortem, but even David Davis’s grandstanding won’t damage the Conservatives sufficiently to rescue the Gordon Brown train-wreck we’re seeing unfold.  A Labour Party that has simultaneously alienated its natural left-wing support and also the centre-ground voters it needs to secure victory and has responded with a bid to woo right-wing voters with its 42-day detention bill, is beyond hope surely?  So, at what point did it become apparent that the Government had lost its way? Continue reading ‘When did it become beyond repair?’

Why I know the Apprentice is faked

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It suddenly occured to me reading Andrew Collins’ excellent blog. The “Roulette” advert wasn’t filmed by Lee McQueen and Claire at all, it was made using the outtakes of the advertisement for Beast aftershave that Stallone does in Rocky II.